Monday, 18 November 2013

Buying the Essentials

Just a quick Monday post on some mega saving I made yesterday. Apologies for the lack of pictures my laptop is unwell again and I can't seem to load them from the ipad :(

It can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg when you run out of all your beauty essentials. This used to happen to me, all of a sudden I’d be out of about five things at the same time and this weekend was no different.

I needed to get some new baby shampoo to clean my brushes, cotton ear buds, inter-dental toothbrushes,nail varnish remover,  razors and conditioner. I went to Boots first as it was the closest place to me and usually I like Boots because they always have some sort of offer on but unfortunately I was out of luck this week. Trying to work out how much all I needed would cost me was around €20 so as there is a Tesco and Dealz in the same complex, I thought why not try them.

Tesco was excellent!! I got my baby shampoo for 86c, my cotton ear buds for 65c, inter-dental toothbrushes for €2.20. Serious savings compared to Boots on that occasion.

I then went to Dealz and again as we all know already Dealz is bargain central. My conditioner was €1.49, my nail varnish remover €1.49, Razors €1.49.

In total I saved over €10 by just trying a different shop. Sometimes you can be so lucky when you want to get a few bits so keep an eye out for offers and treat yourself always.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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