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Creating A Beautiful Smokey Eye (Step by Step)

I think from all my make up lessons, between contouring and creating smokey eyes practice really is key. I have tried a few times to create the great smokey eyes MUA's like Maisy in La Beaute create but I am a long way off that. Unfortunately my laptop is still in the shop so I am creating this post off my ipad so I don't have pics but I will be sure to post lots of pics once I get my laptop back.

Step by step smokey eye:

To create a smokey eye, choose four colour; Base colour for the crease, darker edge colour which will also be added to the crease, a lid colour and the darkest colour for the outside of the eye.

Brushes you will need to create this look:
Flat Shadow Brush
Clean Fluffy Blending Brush
Small Smudger Brush

Shadow:  Start with the crease- apply the base crease colour with a shadow brush. Blend Blend Blend... using this blending to move the crease colour a little higher towards the arch of your brow.

*a shadow brush applies colour but you need blending brushes separately*

Next apply the darker colour into a V shape at the side of the eye, blend this from the V into the crease but not higher than that and not to take over the crease base colour. Shadows should flow gradually into each other. Next to apply the lid colour, take a different brush and apply the brighter lid colour all over until it meets the V colour and the crease. Blend this lid colour in using a clean brush but do keep it defined. The last colour to use is to be applied to the outter corner which again is put on the eye using a V shape and blended very well so that the colour appears to run into each other easily.

Eye liner: Apply a line of gel eye liner with the outside edge becoming thicker. To make a cat eye, apply the liner on the bottom tear line including the lash line and bring the line out and up to meet the shadow. Fill back in the gel liner to meet the top line of the eye creating a triangle. Then apply some liner into the crease and blend using the crease blending brush to really darken and define the crease.

Lashes: Apply false lashes in whichever way is easiest for you. Some people use a tweezers, I personally tend to look half down and balance the lashes onto my own. Before you begin to apply lashes be sure to measure them to your lash line. Cut them is necessary and then bend them a few times to ensure they are not stiff. This makes them much easier to apply. Apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Squeeze your own lashes and the false lashes together with either your fingers or an eye lash curler so they look like one.

This is a step by step guide I had from my one to one lesson with Maisy.

I have also started to watch youtube tutorials to help me with the smokey eye look and one person who I always seem to come back to is Lauren Curtis. She is fantastic and although makes it look very easy, she really does take it step by step for you to get it right.

Here I have chosen her red mahogny video for you to see just how simple she makes creating a fantastic look:

Firstly apply a red shadow (she lists all her products in the video) all over the lid with your finger then blend up and into the crease with a fluffy blending brush.

Using a short smudger brush, thickly apply this colour to the bottom lash line.

As you are blending up into the crease create a V shape of shadow out the outter edge of your eye.

Apply the darker red colour onto the lid with your finger first, then with a blending brush blend into the crese and all over the lid.

Add the new darker colour to the bottom lash line with a smudger brush again.

Add pencil eye liner roughly to the top and bottom lash line and using the smudger from before bend blend blend the liner into the lash lines.

Go back in with your pencil liner into the waterline to create definition.

As you were blending the liner, be sure to blend it into the outter corner of the eye into that V shape.

Using a white highlighting shade on a shadow brush, highlight the brow bone.

Add mascara and lashes!!

I love this look as I feel it is very festive and does not seem to be too intensive for us non experts!

I found this pop of colour video last night and I really hope to create something similar this weekend so if it works out I will deffo get a pic up :)

Another person I love to watch on YouTube is Nicole Guerriero. She is american and posts fantastic videos!

If you know of any other fab youtubers to watch please do let me know.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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