Friday, 15 November 2013

Competition Wins.... Spoiled Rotten!!


Facebook and Twitter can be littered with 'Like and Share' and 'Follow and Retweet' competitions but ladies... It is so worth entering, over the last few months I have been blessed with winning!

It was from entering so many competitions myself that I decided it was time for my Facebook blog page to have it's very first competition. I can now understand just how difficult it can be to find a winner, the list of names I had to put into a bowl was ridiculous but I really wanted it to be fair. I even enlisted the help of my mum as my beautiful assistant to help draw the name. A big should out to my fab winner Aoife Daly who has had her beautiful Fuschia Make Up palette sent to her in the post. I'm sure she will love it as much as I do.

I wanted to write this post on my wins, not to brag but to genuinely thank all of the companies and people who run the competitions and give away such amazing prizes.

The first prize I want to talk about was my win from MakeUp Waterford. This is freelance MUA Sinead Sullivan. Sinead had posted a like and share competition to win an ArtDeco blush set. She had been sent two and because she loved it so much she decided to do a little give-away which I was lucky enough to win. For Sinead's comp you just had to comment under the picture of the set. She then chose 5 names at random and posted them onto her page and the first person to get back to her won the set. It came in a beautiful gift box with a blush and brush. I had never tried ArtDeco before so was very excited to receive the set. I am totally in love with it. There are three different colours in the palette so you can mix and match which one you would like to wear. The brush is colour co-ordinated with the blush box so it's extremely pretty. If you have someone who likes their blush, I would highly recommend this set as a Christmas present.

You can link in with Sinead for makeup applications or lessons on:
Facebook: MakeUp Waterford
Twitter: @MakeupWaterford

The second prize I want to write about is from the amazing The Make Up Crew. This is an agency based in Dublin who provide courses in Make-Up artistry with some of Ireland's best Freelance Artists available. This competition had a huge prize. Again it was on Facebook and the competition was a like share and comment. This prize was a massive 12 piece brush set but not just one but three sets were up for grabs. I have two beautiful younger sisters, Amy and Kate, both 22 (yep they're twins) who also have a love of makeup although I wasn't sure they had the right tools. Brushes can be quite expensive, although we know I have a huge love for real techniques, I couldn't help but really want to win this comp for me and the twins. The 12 piece brush set looked amazing and from using it myself over the last few days, I am in love!! Each and every day I shared The Make Up Crew's facebook page on both my personal page and my blog page and left a comment. It became a little obsession for me over the week but I could not believe how good this prize was I was a determined monkey to win. To my absolute delight, I won the three brush sets and myself and the twins were over the moon. From speaking to the twins, they are in love with the set and getting great use out of them. Thanks to The Make Up Crew, I am now attending their master class day on December 14th in Dublin and my guest is my mum. She's so excited to see how a master class works and learn some new skills for herself. After my class I will of course have a full blog post sharing what I learned so keep an eye out for that in December. Now that I have made the big move to Dublin, I am hoping with a little saving next year I shall embark on a make up course and move further into my love of all things make up. 

You can check out the fantastic Make Up Crew on:
Facebook: The Make Up Crew
Instagram: themakeupcrew

The third prize only arrived this morning and I am so excited to play with all my new treats. This amazing package arrived at my new home in Dublin and I couldn't wait to see what was inside. This prize was from Martina Curran from CelticBeauty. Martina is a beauty blogger from Ireland who runs the amazing blog Martina posted a competition on her own blog page as she had reached a new number of followers. I had just discovered Martina's blog and loved it so chanced entering. The blog is full of beauty reviews and I especially love the Mani Monday section. The prize pack was huge... a make up bag full of new products which I haven't tried before so I can't wait to test them all out. I have already used the Rimmel Wake Me Up shimmer touch in 'shimmering sand' and I love it. I feel all glitzy and warm this freezing Friday. As part of my blogging, I am constantly trying to link in with other bloggers, get ideas from them on what I should blog about and maybe even products to try myself so if you are looking for extra reads please check out Martina's blog.

You can read all about it on:
Twitter: @celticbeauty1 

I love competitions but I must try refrain from entering them all as they can take over your life! I am so grateful to all of the above companies/people for the amazing prizes and also the wonderful correspondence I have received from each of them. I am hoping to do another give away from my own blog before Christmas so keep you eyes peeled.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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