Thursday, 19 September 2013

Beauty Bootcamp Dublin

When I began looking into makeup courses, I wasn't exactly sure what it was I wanted to learn most.... I knew that although I felt I had the 'basics' down... things like eye liner, filling in my brows and the obvious smokey eye were well beyond my reach.

After googling for what felt like forever I cam across the website Beauty Bootcamp (which I have posted below)

Beauty Bootcamp offers a 1 day course which incorporates both hair and makeup. The course fee was €90 for the day which does seem a little expensive but if you bring a second person they receive a discount and only pay €45 (this is a Sept offer)

I went along on the 9th of March with my friend Karen, we arrived at 10am and were put into the hair group first. We were handed the Beauty Bootcamp handbook. This was vital information about all the tools we were using but also it was divided into the hair and makeup sections. 

The hair class was amazing!! There were GHD's, crimpers, curlers, volume brushes, heated rollers and everything a girl would want to create the perfect going out style... It was a girl's dream venue, all sat around huge mirrors which had the spot lights (and I just love these) We had a tutor who went around the room and personally helped you create the look you had wanted to try out for the morning. I chose the vintage curls/ victory rolls. I had seen them on so many sites that I really wanted to learn how to do it for myself. She was so patient and they encourage you to try out all the new toys. We were advised on products that would suit our hair types and shown how to use a GHD for curls, how to back comb properly and also how to create basic up-styles.

We were given 45mins for lunch so of course myself and Karen headed for a very healthy burger lunch. We were starving and I think it was from all the excitement of the morning.

After lunch we moved into the makeup room and I nearly fainted with the amount of products we were going to try out. Our tutor for this part of the day was Leonard Daly. He is a world renowned makeup artist, has worked with some of the biggest stars in the movie and music industry and he was hilarious. I have attached his twitter link, he is an awesome character with plenty of stories and not at all afraid to tell you how it is!

Twitter: @leonarddaly 

From 2pm-5:30 we were taken step by step through our makeup with Leonard listing tip and trick all along to create a flawless makeup look. At every new stage of perfecting your face, Leonard would select a member of our group of ten people and show the group exactly what the element should look like. I managed to be selected for my brows which I was delighted about, he has seen the victory rolls in my hair so created a strong brow.

Leonard is not into the 'plastered' looking makeup, he explained to us that models/actors are meant to look both natural and flawless, the stronger looks are less requested by them and he had a serious aversion to fake tan. Of course this horrified myself and Karen as we both love to change colour going out not to mention love the caked on look.... We did however learn a lot about what products would suit us and exactly how to perfect a daytime look.

I really enjoyed the whole day and I would recommend Beauty Bootcamp to anyone who wants a really nice girls day out. When we had completed our looks we were treated to a glass of champagne and a chit chat with the other tutors.

As this was the first course I had attended, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a fantastic day and I think I'd return again just to meet the tutors again who were so helpful and to sit in the room with the spotlight mirrors.

I shall be posting about my other courses in the coming weeks.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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