Friday, 20 September 2013

Beauty Bootcamp: Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone,

So after posting last night about how amazing Beauty Bootcamp was, I realised I didn't include much detail on what I actually learned. Oops!!

Instead of waiting until Monday to post this I'm going to break my own timing rules and add this post to last nights.

For today I will be taking you through all the tips I learned from Leonard in the makeup class of Beauty Bootcamp. I am taking a lot of this info from the handout we got on the day which I have scribbled loads of extra tips on... Remember this look was to create a flawless barely there look with the addition of a simple smokey eye. So here we go....

Step 1: Primer
Primer is always a good thing to apply to your face for two reasons; it allows the makeup to sit on it rather than directly on your skin but it also gives you a more even finish.  Primer can be put on using your fingertips and you shouldn't need too much as you can look quite greasy if you do.

Step 2: Foundation
Choosing a foundation for your skin can be the most difficult task when it comes to make up. Ideally foundation should match your skin so perfectly that it blends to almost look invisible. A good foundation will eliminate your flaws but not make you look 'plastered'. During our makeup class, we applied our foundation using our fingers (the middle finger and your ring finger) this was really different for me as I always thought you needed a brush or a sponge. Using your fingers, you use a small amount of foundation and blend from the inside of your face and work your way out so from your nose out towards your forehead and jaw line. This creates a day time minimal coverage look but does cover all imperfections. Blending outwards is the key to perfecting your foundation. Do not use too much around your eye area as this can add to lines that are there and next we will use concealer on that anyway.

Another tip we got on the day is- if you have foundations that are slightly too dark why not become your own chemist? Mix your darker foundation with a small amount of lighter foundation and that will lighten the colour but not change too much of the texture. 

Step 3: Concealer:
First thing to know is Touch Eclat by YSL is not a concealer... This is an illuminator, Leonard was very strict on this!!!
Concealers are used along with your foundation to cover up any dark circles or imperfections you may have. Again using your ring finger will aid you to apply just enough concealer. You don't want to overload the area with concealer because you will only make it look chunky.

*Using concealer to higlight certain areas is different, we didn't cover that on the day so for this purpose your concealer should match your skin perfectly. I will look at highlighting in my piece with Maisy in La Beaute.

Step 4: Powder
Powder should be applied lightly just to 'set' the face. You will need a large powder brush (which must be completely clean) and sweep along the face lightly and evenly. Again if you are not wearing tan and wish to match your skin tone, do not use a powder which is too dark but maybe one shade up from your foundation so you don't look ghostly.

*Contouring again will again be covered in my piece with Maisy.

Step 5: Blusher
You are not a doll and there you do not need bright pink/red cheeks- Classic advice really :)
Smile smile smile... This is how you know you are placing the blush on in the right place. Using again a clean blush brush, apply a small amount of your powder blush onto your brush and gently onto the apple of your cheeks only. You do not need to create a line of blush and also, with powder blush, swirl your brish around the blusher, tap off the excess and gently sweep onto the cheeks, its easier to build up colour that to put too much on and trying to wash it off again.

Step 6: Eyes

The most important lesson we learned in beauty bootcamp about our eyes was the colour wheel. Blue eyed people should avoid using baby blue or dark green all over their eyes. Brown eyes are extremely lucky they can wear almost any colour but yellowish browns are not great for their own colour to stand out. Green eyed people should avoid strong greens and bluey-greens as they also do not enhance the eye.

*In my piece on Maisy, I will take you step by step through the process of creating a smokey eye.
We did however discuss on the day the difference between using a powder eye shadow and a cream eye shadow. For the day time look, it is suggested to use a cream eye shadow as they can look more fresh and natural. For the night time a build up of strong colours created with powder can change a persons look in an instant. Blending is key when it comes to the eyes. A good set of brushes for each individual section will make the process much easier.

Step 7: Lashes
Mascara... There are hundreds on the market and each claim to do this that and the other. What we learned in beauty bootcamp is the application of the mascara is the key really. You could have all the best products in the world but without the right technique they're useless to you. How to apply mascara correctly is; do not have too much product on your wand, lift the eye lid up towards your forward and as your apply the mascara to the lashes from root to tip, slightly moving the wand from side to side. This ensures that the mascara reaches each and every lash but encourages them to stretch and also builds volume. You need to make sure you work the mascara from root to tip in order to create a fuller lash look.

Step 8: Lips
As stated before this look was to be a daytime, flawless look. we used mostly natural lipsticks although I did manage to grab a real red lippy to work into my vintage look. Lining your lip can be difficult if you don't have a steady hand but with some practice, this can transform the shape of the lip making them look much fuller. Don't be afraid to play with lipstick either, I am an huge fan of busting out some mad colour lips for a night out but it can literally transform your look. Applying lipstick with a brush can also help with not making any mistakes coming off the lip line. You can also set your lipstick by applying a layer, applying loose powder over the layer and going back in with another layer of colour. I haven't quite tried this yet as you rarely see me out without a tube of some sort of colour :)

This was a brief run through of the afternoon I spent in Beauty Bootcamp. I hope some tips were helpful. As I said before my blog is going to be run twice a week taking both products and techniques into account. In the coming weeks, I will get into more specific detail about aspects of makeup application with links to YouTube tutorials, suggested products and loads of pictures.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x