Monday, 7 October 2013

Bare Minerals- A first time using powder foundation

Happy Monday Ladies!

So a few months ago after a visit to Maisy, I discovered powder foundation. I had heard of people using it before but never ventured to use it myself and I always worried it wouldn't give me enough coverage.

I needed a good coverage powder for two of my foundations- Urban Decay Naked and MAC Face and Body Foundation. I had found that when putting them on, they just never looked as good as I thought they could and normal powder just wasn't working with them.

Maisy had used a Glo Minerals Powder Foundation during my two faced make up lesson which I did go on to buying but I decided to pay Debenhams a visit one day to see if Bare Minerals could also do the trick.

The girl at the counter was so helpful, unfortunately I cannot remember her name now but I may be popping back in soon so I shall find out for you but basically I went in with just my Urban Decay foundation on, I explained to her what I was looking for coverage wise and she got to work.

I used to think that sitting on a high stool in the middle of a department store would feel quite weird but I'm so used to it now I feel like a little celeb :)

Bare Minerals powder foundation sat perfectly on top of my Naked foundation. It's all in the application you see ;)

A brilliant purchase I made that day was the starter kit priced at €56. You may think this is steep but I cant recommend it more for being great value. The kit comes complete with a foundation (colour matched to your skin) a small primer, a darker powder for contouring and a setting powder. The kit also contains three brushes; a full face foundation brush, a concealer brush and a contour brush. The foundation alone is €26 but if you want to invest in the powder look I really would suggest the kit.

So onto the application....
To apply the Bare Minerals is quite simple;
  • Tap some product into the lid of the foundation
  • Taking your face brush, swirl it around the lid allowing product to sit on the brush
  • Tap the brush off the side of the lid to get rid of the excess
  • Buff the foundation onto the face in circular motions
Another great point about the kit is it comes with instructions so you never forget! An actual DVD based on the starter kit and how to use all the products contained in your kit, its a great idea and more companies should make kits like these.

To use the contour darker powder, the girl in Debenhams showed me a handy trick for remembering;

  • Tap some product into the lid of the contour powder
  • Taking your contour brush, swirl it around the lid allowing product to sit on the brush
  • Tap the brush off the side of the lid to get rid of the excess
  • Sweep the contour powder along the jaw bone, hollow of the cheek and up onto the forehead using the shape of a number three
  • You don't need a huge amount of product on your brush, just keep it light and make sure to blend blend blend.
Another little treat in your starter kit is the primer. This is so smooth and if you want to use your original foundation, it sits perfectly on your skin. As with all primers, you do not need too much on your face, its a small bottle so you want it to last you a little bit. 

As regards the foundation itself, it comes in two finishes, original and matte. I found for myself I didn't need need the matte finish. My skin can be quite dry in parts so I didn't think it was a good idea to get a product which helps with drying out the skin. The original finish for me is perfect. I have worn it as a daytime look a lot lately and I'm hoping to perfect my buffing soon so I can see if I can get a full coverage from it.

Bare Minerals are sold in Debenhams Waterford and I have to say the girl who served me was so helpful. She has offered me a makeup application for free from purchasing the starter kit so once I get some free time i'll pop in with my receipt and she said she'll show me their blush and lip range.

It's something different from always wearing a liquid foundation so try it if you can. Foundation alone is €26 so it wont break the bank and it will last you ages.

Stay Beautiful,

Emma x

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