Friday, 18 October 2013

It's all a load of brows!

You cannot go anywhere these days without seeing beautiful brows....
They are everywhere!!

I began thinking about fixing my brows a while ago unsure whether the HD was for me or not, well after Wednesday I am HD all the way!! The only way to really explain the effect these HD's have had on me is these before and after pics...

Before: It took me a good solid 6 weeks of no fun to get these bad boys, aren't these beauties?? :) I suffered a lot I wont lie ladies after the first two weeks, I could barely use my brow kits anymore but I prevailed on a night out to conceal as much of the extra hair as I could and really define my usual brow but hold your horses check out my after...

Yep here I am Wednesday after leaving the master Louise in Lulu Belle with amazing brows. I cannot recommend enough that you go to Lulu Belle, meet Louise and the team and get your brows did!!

HD brows are a 7 step procedure and your appointment lasts at least 30 minutes. You are tinted, waxed, threaded, plucked, trimmed.... cannot remember the other two but you are made lovely! :)

I have tried a few things on my brows before starting the HD look but there's no way I'm going back now.. I know in these recession times its really hard to afford things but for me brows can absolutely set off a look and there's no point investing loads of cash on products for your eyes when they're overshadowed by unkempt brows.

I feel that brows are quite an individual thing, some people like them thin and arched, others natural and just tidied and why I don't know, but there's some people who like to look like they have permanent marker on their faces (clearly not one of my fave looks)

Before my HD brows, I had gotten the Billion Dollar Brow treatment three times. I loved them, they were creating a great shape and just like the HD, it was a step by step process and after getting over the initial shock of needing to let my own grow out over 6 weeks, they were fantastic.

I purchased the Benefit Brows a GoGo set and it helped keep the look of the BDB. I did find that for me the wax in the kit was just a little too shiny and when I put that on and then placed the shadow over it, my brows sometimes still appeared shiny and quite clumpy. It could easily have been my application but I think I needed a stiffer matte wax on my own brows because they're so dark already.

It was out of pure nosiness that I moved onto the HD but for me, I prefer the HD now. I would advise if you are unsure of the HD look for yourself maybe do what I did, start with the BDB, it's a slightly more natural looking brow and then when you feel ready move onto the HD.

Whatever shape you have your brows in, you can always define and enhance them using a range of palettes and products. As you can see from my pic I'm the owner of a few! I think as with most makeup you need to try things out on yourself so if it's your first time using brow pencils or kits start off cheap... Catrice do a fantastic brow kit, I think selling at around €6 and you get the two shadows and a little brush so you can get practicing with this. If you go to a salon to get your brows done, ask the experts, they will always know better than me and they can guide you in the right direction especially when it comes to colour. Its OK at times to have diff brows to hair especially for blondes but if your a brown haired girl like me, matching them up can be really good with your makeup.

Another great kit which I was using up until Wednesday is the sleek brow kit. €9.99 comes in a range of colours but the consistency of the wax and the shadow were fantastic on my brows. Really define and shape your brow and set off any vintage look or autumn look you are creating.

Brow pencils, I have tried but I found I just couldn't get the shape I wanted, it always appeared as a harsh line and I was never sure how to blend it out. 

Just to clarify every kit will come with a slanted brush and a flat brust; use the flat brush to firstly fill in any gaps you may have in your brow. Working from the outside in and using flicking motion create the extra 'hair' which you may be missing if like me you have gotten HD brows done for the first time, I still have some filling in to do.

Work along the bottom of the brow, defining the shape and then onto the top. You don't need to add much product at all to the hair you already have because it will just go very dark and the lighter bits you have just filled in will then remain lighter, so take your time as I said in flicking motions and you can square off in between your eyes, similar to the HD look even if you don't have them ;)

Louise from Lulu Belle is a master at the HD brows, so if you want somewhere in Waterford with the assurance you'll come out feeling amazing book yourself in today! Try them out and I promise you, you will not go back. The treatment costs €30 but you will only need to get them done every 6-8 weeks. Lulu Belle also do a loyalty card system so after so many HD treatments you get one for free so that really helps break down the cost. The HD kit is €25 and of course I'm in love. Louise was so kind to give me the kit and I have used it every day. You may not need to invest in this straight away but anywhere you go these days to get your make up done or even most brow treatments, your brows are filled in so if you're not a user of any products start with a cheaper pencil or kit and see how much of a difference it can make to your look.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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