Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Inglot Dundrum- The three teds day out :)

Sorry for the late blog ladies, had an unreal busy day yesterday so was home too late from work to post this and I really wanted to do it justice.

On Saturday last I went to have a full makeup application in Inglot in Dundrum with two of my besties Sinead and Elaine. The girls had not only not been to Inglot before but they had never been to Dundrum before so we had an epic day. Our plan was simple... to get such a nice look we looked nothing like ourselves :) What I mean by this is, a full nighttime dramatic look was what each of us wanted.

One tip to all you makeup lovers is, until you know exactly what you're wearing or at least what colours you are wearing, don't plan too far ahead with your makeup look. I had added the Inglot Ireland facebook page a few weeks ago and followed lots of the looks they had created on people, a lot of them were beautiful but there was one in particular I loved, a silver and black smokey eye. Unfortunately I couldn't see what colour the clients eyes were so I wasn't sure if it would suit me. I played it safe with my outfit on the night choosing a little black number so I was hoping silver would be OK on me.

My MUA in Inglot was Breifne and she was beautiful. Tall, blonde with immaculate makeup I was so excited! Because I have had my makeup done a number of times, I have learned what I like and what I feel suits me when creating certain looks. I think when you are learning about your makeup it's very much trial and error, only after trying a certain look will you see if it suits your face shape, your skin and your personality.

I explained to Breifne what I feel creates a great night look on me;
Bold shapes brows (I like them defined and stand out)
Lots of highlighting and contouring (when this is done right, your face looks amazing, showing off all your best bits)
Bright lipstick (I think this is a statement for me at this stage, I was never one for lipstick but now I cannot go out without it and the bolder the better)
Smokey eye (this is a classic when you want a smoldering night look but for me it's about being brave with colours- as we learned in beauty bootcamp there are certain colours which blue eyed people can use to highlight their eye colour but there are so many shades you can look different all the time)

As we were applying the look, Breifne was happy to use the silver eye shadow and silver glitter but she suggest to mix the silver glitter with a more bronzed glitter to highlight the blue in my eyes. I have absolutely learned to trust the MUA (make up artists) I have worked with so far as I have not been steered wrong yet. I told her to play away and make it bright.

I found during the application, Breifne was very careful to ensure none of the pigment landed on my face and got mixed up on my foundation. The pigment in the Inglot eye shadows is amazing so it is very dainty work to make sure you don't let it sit on your face. A good trick to use when using powder shadows is to do your eyes first... Let yourself get as messy as you need to but once you apply your foundation, concealer and powder over your face you'll look spectacular :)

In total, I was worked on for almost over an hour, I was really impressed by this as on a Saturday afternoon I was a little afraid I would be rushed but all three of us were delighted with our end result looks. Both Sinead and Elaine had a lovely experience with their two MUA's who unfortunately I did not get their names but they created similar looks on my friends and we each walked away delighted.

The Inglot products, we each found stayed on our face all night. As with any girly night out there was a lot of dancing and we each still looked pretty presentable at the end of the night. Our eye makeup was flawless, as with anything our lipstick needed to be reapplied but the wonderful thing about Inglot is you pay €30 to get your application done, you are given an hour or just under that with a talented MUA who will cater to all your needs in relation to what you like, your skin type and your outfit. You can then redeem the €30 against products in the store which I was over the moon about!! I got a lipstick, a glitter pot and an eyeshaow which in total came to €34! Another offer we did avail of was to get our lashes put on in Inglot, they are more expensive than other places such as penneys as it adds on €15 to your bill (that's €10 for the lashes themselves and €5 application) I do feel however when you are treating yourself, it's a good thing to get done then and there. We had in fact bought lashes in penneys (which at €1.50 I swear by) but you run a big risk of ruining your eye makeup which could be devastating. 

All in all I feel what I learned most from Inglot is;

  • Doing your eyes first when using pigment is a good step if you are not used to using powder eye shadow.
  • Applying lip liner all over your lips can held your lipstick stay longer.
  • Contouring should not be heavy and blending is key to not have dark lines left on your face.
  • Blend foundation down onto your neck when using tan to make sure you are all the same colour.

I hope some of you get the opportunity to visit Inglot in Dundrum as myself and the girls really loved how we looked.

Stay beautiful,

Emma x


P.s Please excuse my brows.... currently growing them out to get a HD treatment :) 

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