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Doll-Face Makeup Artistry- A lesson with Alison

New lesson.... New learning!

Earlier this week I met with the lovely Alison Kelly of Doll-Face Makeup Artistry for a one to one make up lesson. Firstly I would like to thank Alison for making me feel so welcome during my time with her.

I had asked Alison to help me create a pretty day time look which I could wear to work and also to help me improve on some of the skills I'm trying to build on at the moment.

*A full product list will be at the bottom of this post along with my before and after pics*

We began with cleansing my face and applying moisturiser. I feel a good skin care routine can be vital to how your makeup will sit on your face but I also believe it to be a very individual decision as to what to use. I am currently working off the Clinique range for blemish skin and I'm still undecided if it is having any effect on my skin compared to other (cheaper) brands I have used before. Maybe when I finish all the products I'll see the results but as it stands I'm undecided!

Back to make up!!

Alison is always keen to have the customer as comfortable as possible and with that in mind she doesn't like to touch the clients face with her own fingers, I don't think I had paid much attention to this on previous make up lessons but I thought it was good of her to mention this to me.

Alison applied my primer with a latex sponge and spread it all over my face paying close attention not to use too much which would leave marks when my foundation was applied.

For the foundation, Alison mixed two popular colours of the one brand to match my skin tone exactly. As posted in my Beauty Bootcamp blog, doing this can save you a fortune ladies! We all have our no tan paler days, our going out tanned to the hilt nights and then the in between days... this could mean three different tones of foundation needed and why not eliminate one to save us a few euro... If you have a darker and lighter foundation, blend them together when you need the "in between" tanning colours, be your own beauty guru and add a little more of this one or that one to get the right tone- Nobody really likes the white face tanned body look or possible worse the dark face pale body look!

Applying powder can be a tricky business depending what effect you're looking for; I would always suggest in order to set your foundation, use a fat powder brush which has no other product on it and sweep the brush around your face to apply your powder. As this was a day look, Alison set the foundation using a translucent powder.

Contouring is still tricky business to me... I have spent a lot of time lately trying to contour my own face and although its getting better I don't think I'm yet ready to venture out in my day time look. Alison explained to me while contouring my face, daytime looks are pretty much the same as night time looks, as in, you should take all the same steps to creating a beautiful day time look just using less dramatic colours than a night time look. It involves using two brushes; one to apply your bronzing powder and the other to blend it out. You do not want a dark brown line down your face or on your temple. If you are unsure of how much to apply, start light and blend and as you get used to the act of contouring, you can add more product. 

Blush came next... As I was heading to work I wanted to look fresh and awake so we chose quite a neutral colour with a hint of coral just to lighten the cheeks. I would like to point out that if you are to contour and highlight your face, blush can be quite important. It will add colour to the cheeks and define them on top of the angles you have either enhanced or hidden with the other make up.

I am a great lover of both the naked palettes and having invested in both, its really time I start to use them correctly. Alison used four colours on my eyes in this application, three from the Naked palette; naked, buck and virgin and a touch of snakebite from Naked 2. We kept the colours again natural and I had asked for browns and creams as I feel they suit my skin and blue eyes. Using a good blending brush makes eye shaldow application much easier Alison explained. She has invested over time in some high end brushes such as MAC brushes but she also told me about a brand I am yet to try called Royal brushes. I am in need of a few new brushes and she said these are great value and she uses them a lot so I think I'll deffo have to try them. For the beginner, Alison explained working on the lid first can help you, you can blend up from there. Add your darker colour to the crease of your eye and from a previous lesson I learned you can actually keep your eye open while doing this just make sure your brush is soft enough so you dont hurt yourself. Also be sure to use some of the darker colour along the bottom lash line. So many people forget to do this and it can really enhance your eye look. Applying the colour frames your eye and can make a look appear more dramatic. Even for our day time look, Alison applied the brown colour to my lash line before the eyeliner.

Putting eyeliner in the water line of  your eye is not always essential. As a regular contact lens wearer, I have no problem in my fingers being close to my eye so the same applies to a eye pencil. Alison explained to me that some clients can wear liner in their waterline no problem but they need to apply it themselves so although she offered me the chance to do it myself, I was fine with her doing it. Again I felt this was really nice and would put anyone nervous about that part at ease.

Alison posted a really handy tip on her Doll-Face Makeup Artistry Page on Tuesday. If you have run out of your fave mascara, don't throw out your wand from the mascara; keep it, clean it, and use it again in another mascara if you like how it makes your lashes look. This is deffo a tip I shall be using as we all know the shelf life of an opened mascara is so short, I would recommend to everyone out there, there is no need to invest in overly expensive mascara unless you plan to wear it and top it up every single day.

For a natural day time look, we chose a nude lipstick from my guilty pleasure MAC. Again ladies these days more and more brands are bringing out copies or dupes of other brands colours so keep an eye on a colour you'd like to try and shop around! For daytime make up I suggest, nudes, browns, lighter pink shades or a faint orange colour. Even a gloss during your day look can enhance the fresh faced look we were trying to achieve.

As a review to Alison as a make up artist, I think she is fantastic!! She is so caring and friendly, you can chat away while you know you are being taken care of. She loves what she does, she has invested time and energy into her art and she really deserves to be packed with people coming to her to get beautified. As a fellow MAC lover, she's a girl after my own heart and I was so jealous at the amount of brushes she has!

I just wanna thank Alison for allowing me to blog about her and if you get a chance please like her facebook page;

Product List from Doll-Face :)

Primer- No7 Beautifully Matte
Foundation- Smashbox Foundation 2.1 and 1.1 (mixed)
Powder- Cinema Secrets Translucent Powder
Contour- Isadora bronzer
Blush- Vanity Blush Palette
Eye shadow- Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palettes
Eyeliner- Avon Supershock
Mascara- Rimmel Scandaleyes
Lipstick- MAC Cremecup
Brushes; Royal, Real Techniques and Crown

Before      After

Alison's Toys

Freash Faced 

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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