Monday, 28 October 2013

Finding Foundation.... Nightmare at times!!


Have you ever seen an add for a new foundation and thought 'yeah that will absolutely suit me?' Well I do that each and every time, save like a good thing and then purchase the latest must have!

Sounds great I know... the only problem is... I'm discovering lately thanks to some expert advice that not all foundations are going to suit me, that in fact the wrong shade or wrong consistency can actually look worse than not wearing make up at all!

This is my current foundation collection.....

Huge amount of products as you can see and unfortunately it takes, setting powder on hand to keep some of them looking well on me all day. I have combination skin, I'm not sure if I didn't notice as much before or if my skin is changing in the last year or two but I am starting to look closer at my foundation than ever before.

I would love to be able to suggest to each of you a splash out product and a cheaper version that I can guarantee a feel good face all day but I can only speak from my own experience and hope that some of you match my complexion.

For a night out, full coverage look I always feel you cannot 
go wrong with MAC Studio Fix foundation. I currently have studio fix in 3 different shades due to tanning and it never lets me down. It is an absolute full coverage make up that will last night whole night. Now as stated before, I do have an oily t-zone so I would keep an eye on my complexion during the night and bring out a translucent powder to keep away the shine. These powders do not at all have to be expensive, I really like the Catrice pressed powder.

I am currently on the hunt for a day time makeup mattes itself, I tested the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation at the weekend and I really think it will be added to my Christmas list, I loved how it felt all day and I didn't see it move which I love!

Back to what I have now as opposed to what I want haha :) Estee Lauder Double Wear has been my go to foundation for years. It's quite expensive so I cannot buy it all the time but thankfully another product I feel gives the same coverage is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation. I recently purchased a bottle of the Collection 2000 foundation for only €5.99 in Boots. I am not sure how long this offer is on for but if you need a go to bottle get down to Boots as soon as you can :)

Lasting Perfection is a great coverage foundation but again my oily t-zone gives me awful trouble with this foundation. Again a pressed powder keeps me on top of the oil situation but as with many women these days, we do not have the €35 for each bottle of foundation we want so invest in a pressed powder such as Catrice of possibly even MAC pressed powder for around €20 and then you can work away using a less expensive foundation and you get more value for money.

Lighter liquid foundations are not something I have thought about before trying the Urban Decay Naked Foundation and the MAC Face and Body Foundation. I began to panic a little the first time using both of these foundations because I felt the coverage was shocking. I applied both of these with a stippling brush, which I then found didn't work for me at all. I took to my trusted Real Techniques expert face brush and I was much happier with the application. For these lighter foundations, I tended to apply a double layer, one brushing on the product and then going back in with a dabbing motion to ensure a fuller coverage. Naked foundation is one of my most popular day time picks.

Mineral Foundations; here you can see my Glo Minerals and Bare Minerals powder foundations. I actually first purchased my Glo Minerals Foundation to apply over the Naked Foundation to wear as a night time look. The Bare Minerals Starter Kit was then purchased in Debenhams in Waterford and I love the product. I have already given the kit a full blog post so feel free to return to that to discover if the brand is for you. I have started trying the mineral foundations on their own now and I like the coverage for nipping out of the house, not a full face application. It hides my blemishes and dark circles (which I am not impressed at finding) but still light enough to just give a healthy glow.

This has been a whirlwind of products on tonight's blog but I feel foundation is quite like a pair of jeans, so hard to find the perfect one but when you do, you will never give it up. If you ever want to try out a foundation please do approach the girls on the counters, they are so helpful and recently a great example of a good sales woman told me straight that her brand of foundation would not help my skin, this sounds crazy but instead she showed me a wonderful primer I am certainly hoping to get on my next payday which she said will help any foundation I wear, matte and last longer on my face. Now after seeing the amount of foundation I actually own at the minute, it'll be a great investment for me and keep me away from buying foundation for a while yet :)

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