Friday, 18 October 2013

Followers.... Let's be having ya!

Hey everyone,

So as you all know, I have really dedicated time and effort into creating this blog so I'd like to get it out into the world as much as possible.....

Thank you so much to everyone who has started with 'liking' my facebook page "Emma Sheehan Blog". I would like to start generating some followers now on the Blogger site 2. It's powered through Google and each time you click onto read one of my blogs you are already on the site so all I need you to do is click 'follow'

I am also a huge Instagram fan, everything make up ends up on my account so please add me;
Emma Sheehan emmalvsapose

My twitter account is @emmajcsheehan

Thanks again for all the support and long may it continue.

Stay Beautiful,

Emma x

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