Monday, 14 October 2013

Beauty on a budget

Hey ladies,

Unfortunately I fear this wont be as long a blog as I had initially planned... I am literally up to my eyes with work at the moment so just taking a little break to post to you some of the products I use which do not break the bank :)

Apologies in advance for the pics, it seems my phone does not want to take a good shot of me today and my appalling eyebrows will be fixed come Wednesday!! I'm finally getting the HD Brows done in Lulu Belle and cannot wait to see how they suit me.

So onto today's post... I understand that makeup can be a very expensive hobby at the best of times but these days so many brands are bringing out amazing products there are plenty to choose from which wont cost you an arm and a leg!

Catrice is my fave low cost range at the minute, available in Penneys and some other chemists it's a fantastic range full of bang on trend colours and pigments in their eye shadows is similar to Urban Decay. I really like their lipsticks which wont cost you more than €6!!

Essence is a brand I actually used to avoid purely based on pricing. I can be picky sometimes in relation to foundation and what I like sitting on my skin but in the last year or so I've tried many of their products and I really like them. Particularly their mascaras have amazing wands and I feel they give great definition.

As you can see from my pics there are a couple of Sleek products. I advise you all to start buying from this range it is amazing! Although only available in one chemist in the south east, you can buy online for a low shipping cost. The brow kit at €9.99 is my best investment in a long long time!!

I did a very rough half and half on my face today using a range of products which not one item cost more than €9.99. As you can see in the pick (make up not overly well applied) I have gone for a night look of black liner from Catrice and also red lippy from Catrice. I love this liner as I feel it never moves once applied. I made the mistake today of not letting my foundation set before applying the liner hence the little smudges. I see the vintage look for going out a lot more lately and if you can master a flick or cat eye, throw on some lashes you have a seriously glammed look.

On the other side I kept it very light and minimal more of a day time look. The gold eye shadow pot I got from NYC and I really like the colour as it brightens my blue eyes. I went for a brown liner but could not find my brown mascara so it doesn't really stand out. Sometimes I find it you want to create a natural look, use brown products instead of black.

The highligher is from catrice also and I love this product. It sits on my skin quite well and I really feels works its magic. I used a rimmel bronzer to lightly contour my face. This powder is quite dark so I'm still trying to blend blend blend when it comes to my contouring.

When shopping for a cheaper product, do try out the testers on the stands.... with lipticks, try it on the back of your thumb to see how the colour actually comes out. With foundation, apply it near your wrist and see how well it blends (remember to match your skin tone you shouldnt see the foundation on your hand) that's the key really ;) 

I don't feel you can go wrong with either Catrice or Essence for a cheaper buy with great products.

*A new product I have fell in love with is the Collection 2000 foundation available in Boots. I really like how the product sits on my skin, it's very similar to Estee Lauder Double Wear, my only criticism is for combination skin, be sure to bring powder with you throughout the day as it can become a little shiny. It's a steal at only €5.99 at the minute in Boots.

I will absolutely blog again with more purchases of cheaper make up. I understand it's a tough time for everyone to be splashing out a fortune to keep up with the seasons trends so fear not, I will blog an entire night time look some weekend soon and save you all a fortune!!

Stay beautiful,

Emma x

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